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Kali - Unreleased 1999 album with hit single "Smile".
I would like to get it somehow

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Darius McCrary 2002 (8-track ALBUM)

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Ty Luv 'GHETTO THANG" [1996] + "TY LUV" [2003] EP

                                                   Billboard 15-june-1996

Ty Luv [Tyrone Ferguson]

Ty Luv - Ghetto Thang [1996] EKG Records // WARLOCK WARCD-2769

01 Ghetto Thang [Club Mix]
02 Are You Solo?
03 On the Balcony [Club Mix]
04 Let Me Ride
05 Pump It Up
06 Don't Say No
07 Hold You
08 Up & Down
09 Alone With You
10 What U Want?

Ty Luv - Ty Luv [EP 2003] // S.O.B: TL-001

01 Do Your Thang
02 Last Cry
03 Why
04 If
05 Po Broke & Lonely

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Alias LJ - Alias LJ [1998 France]
One of the best french R&B albums that I've heard. Lots of smooth mid-tempo cuts here! Evern a track with Zhane
Singer, Composer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Fabrice Grandjean also known as (Aliaslj), in addition to his own projects, divides his time between writing, producing and recording for Artists of all genres and scoring for Films, TV, and Commercials.
Born in Toulouse south of France where he received a Classical music scholarship at age seven, Alias finished his studies at the French conservatory at only eleven. Considered by his fathers as one of the most gifted students ever he decided to abandon his classical perspective for a larger world : improvisation.
At only 14 Alias was already one of the most demanded session saxophone players of his area spending every hour on defining his own sound. After a long period of introspection he finally found his real style at 17 and named it the Froggystyle. GET A JUMP was born. He joined the biggest soul music band from south of France and started to tour all over Europe for four years.
During that time he trained his abilities and improved his singing and piano playing skills. Finally the band won a national contest and qualified for the world final, finishing at 3rd position in the Internationnal Yamaha Music Quest in Tsumagoi JAPAN. Back in France he set up his own band (Cherry Bomb) and signed a license deal with Human Data / EMI. The first single was played on the biggest national radio channels. He spent a couple of years enjoying new cultures through work and travel. Back from Africa Alias signed an artist deal with Universal and released his first solo album.
Same thing happened again, major Radio stations and TV channels played his song and he became the first R&B singer in France.
From there everything happened really fast. Many famous European artists hire him to produce their singles/albums among them:
Delavoix, Jane fostin, Passi, Peeda, Laure Milan, China Moses, Jalane, Jackie(neg marron), Jamel (feat snoop dog), Slai, Peter Kingsberry, Shola Ama, Sofiane, Larusso, Zhané, Ophélie Winter, Bambi cruz, MC Solaar, High School Musical, Cinderella 2009 the musical.
Two years later he made a deal for his second solo album with BMG and within the same year he set up a company: 26BIS (recording studio facilities) and launched his own label DOGGYBAG Records.
He recently launched a new company named FROGGYSTYLE in the Los Angeles area and is composing for commercials such as Citroen, Porshe, Danone, Actis, Carefree, Garnier, L’oreal